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PONDMAN – Pond & water feature installation & maintenance contractor. Serving San Diego, & Riverside County, California (CA)


14294683841427657280Pondman has almost 20 years experience working on ponds just like yours. The odds of us not being able to help you are most unlikely. Pond maintenance can mean several things. Your pond may need filter work. It may need a clean out ,or even a complete overhaul. The Pondman is constantly updating their knowledge and skills. We keep up on the newest and the tried and true ways to accomplish the optimal outcome for each pond. Serving North San Diego County, Riverside County, and the Desert communities.
Pond maintenance can be a one time thing ,or an on going service. What ever the situation requires, Pondman is happy to set up a schedule that best fits each individuals need.   Click here to contact us


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Pondman, located in the San Diego area is completely dedicated to your pond needs.If its maintenance your pond is requiring or monthly service, The dedicated crew at Pondman will spend the time and effort it takes to make it right. If you are wanting a new pond or waterfall designed or installed,Pondman has the experience to give you your dream pond.
When your pond needs that clean out or even a filter matt,or any other pond service,Pondman of San Diego, is the company to call.
Pond BuildersThe Team at PONDMAN specializes in the Design and Construction & maintenance of Ecosystem Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls and Streams, Fountainscapes and RainXchange Systems.

PONDMAN is the Professional Certified Aquascape Contractor in San Diego, and has the experience needed to create and make your water feature dreams come true. This is possible for you because of our continued training efforts, and our association  with Aquascape inc. and years of working with, and learning from the largest network of Professional Water Feature Installers in the WORLD!

PONDMAN is a proud Certified Aquascape Contractor.To find a Certified Aquascape Contractor in your area CLICK HERE

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