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A Relaxing Lifestyle
This should be what awaits you when you come home.The hustle and bustle of the world should stop at your door.
The San Diego area is a great place to have a pond or waterfall.The climate allows us to design water features, with everything from mountains to beaches as our back drops. Imagine sitting on your patio drinking that cold beverage, listening to the soft gurgling waterfall.
Imagine watching the fish glide by almost in hypnotic unison as your stress disappears
All your tension leaving to be replaced by total stress free relaxation.
This is what the Pondman will deliver.


is one of the only pond service companies in the San Diego area that is a CERTIFIED AQUASCAPE CONTRACTOR. This insures that you the customer are protected.
We service custom ponds as well as pond less waterfalls,and fountains.

When a well designed pond or waterfall is incorperated into your landscaping, It makes for a whole new experience.

A Relaxing pond with waterfall , built the Aquascape way in Temecula.

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> A working eco-system is the ultimate final result. Sometimes as with an existing pond, This can only be accomplished with the help of outside equipment. In these cases , We will determine the best products for the results we need.

Often in a front yard liability is a concern so this becomes the perfect opportunity for a pond less waterfall, this feature consists of a natural looking waterfall ,but where the pond would usually be now is a submerged basin for re-circulating the water. The pond less waterfall can be turned off at night and back on in the morning this is an immediate energy saver. The maintenance on a pond less waterfall is even less than that of a pond since there are no living fish to clean up after.

If it's a pond you want then this is where we really shine. Your pond will be designed and installed using the newest high efficiency materials and the lowest maintenance imaginable.

Pondman is in San Diego and regularly serves surrounding counties.  . We can be reached by calling

(858) 449-9135 or (951) 966-3481