A pond repair can be any thing from a leak repair, to a faulty pump , to a complete filter break down. At Pondman , we constantly do these types of pond repairs ,and pond services. This is our main business. We consistantly repair and replace what other pond builders, and  landscapers installed or built.Along with this we are trained to know the newest and best, along with the worst of the new things available for your pond.Call us we are happy to help (858)449-9135— or fill out the (PONTACT FORM) and we will get back to you.

Pond Leaks & Repairs

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repair1 repair2Finding a leak in a pond can be a daunting task for someone without a great deal of experience. Proffessional pond repairs and renovations in the Southern California area means…. we know how to fix your pond leak.  We use a consistent troubleshooting methodology to narrow down the source of your leak as quickly as possible.  We start with the most likely suspects, such as leaky plumbing connections, skimmer and filter leaks, and improperly formed waterfalls.  If the leak is not found in these areas, and we’ve ruled everything else out – you’ve got a hole in your liner.  Rather than wasting your valuable time and money searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, we will replace the liner.  Years of experience in San Diego & Riverside County area have shown that replacing the liner is less expensive and time consuming than trying to find a hole – which can take days or weeks.  A liner replacement is a relatively simple operation that can usually be accomplished in a single day.

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Pond Water Clarity Problems

Why is water clarity listed in the repair section? Because if you are not able to see a dime placed at the bottom of your pond, there is a good chance that some part of your pond ecosystem is not working properly and needs to be repaired or replaced. Do you have green pond water or black pond water? We can figure out why and repair the pond ecosystem to resolve these issues.

Pond Filter/Pump Repairs

repair8There are many types of pond filtration systems & pumps, and we’ve worked with just about all of them. If your filter or pump worked at one time, but is no longer performing the job – we perform all types of pond filter & pump repairs that can help. If your pond filter has never worked the way it should, we can help you with that as well.

Waterfall Repairs

repair9Customers have come to us with all kinds of waterfall problems. An improperly designed waterfall can cause a great deal of water loss, or it may just look unnatural and need a face lift. Our team has built over 500 waterfalls, and we know how to do it the right way. It really doesn’t matter what your waterfall problem is – we can fix it, and ensure you will have many years of low maintenance enjoyment of your water feature.