The Big Dig in Vista


The Pondman crew is hard at it in Vista. Removing an existing concrete pond and replacing it with a rubber liner. Lots of things going on, including mad bees, and snakes.

<p>A special thanks to everyone who participated in this amazing project!</p>


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Pond maintenance truck

Pondman, has been pretty busy this year.With all the pond re-builds, along with all the service we have been doing, and new Pond builds, Its been crazy.                                         Our  pond maintenance division has grown, the quickest. As a matter of fact it has grown to the level of requiring a new truck to manage it.So here is the newest addition to the Pondman stable.  Here’s to a busy , rest of the year.

Where is the pond in Fallbrook

Sometimes pond maintenance gets forgotten. That was the case with the pond in Fallbrook. The plants had grown to the point where they were pushing the rocks and boulders in front of the skimmer. The water couldn’t get  to the pump. Well a good cleaning was needed. A major plant thinning was also done. A few lights were added and BAM!  The pond looks great!
And at night it became a magic pond.                                  Pondman on YouTube
Pondman   (858) 449-9135              Go see us at the  Pondman web site

Willow Next to the pond. Bernie Kerkvliet

The other day someone asked one of the smartest people , I know about Willows, next to the pond. Bernie Kerkvliet is the owner of Skyline Ponds in Lake Arrowhead Ca. And his Knowledge is endless.    Thanks Bernie,For allowing me to share this.Weeping willow’s are beautiful but are a pain if they are too close to water. They are a phreatophyte which means that they have to have their roots in a permanent water source. It is important to remember that roots follow water, they don’t seek it out. If a plants drip line is at the edge of a pond or will be as it grows, it will find it to be a reliable water source. Even if the pond doesn’t leak, water will condense on the outside of the liner which will make more water available to the plants.

Willow roots are especially aggressive and the can also sprout new roots thru its bark if it finds water.

With concrete cloth, you are thinking in the right direction but I would not use concrete cloth. Concrete will wick water through it and attract roots to it. It is the nature of concrete to crack. That is why expansion joints are used when pouring slabs and sidewalks. The purpose of the joints is to control the cracking in places where you want it to. Even if you can’t see the cracks, there are microscopic cracks in it. Hoover Dam still leaks water thru it as thick as it is. Microscopic root hairs con enter these cracks and eventually penetrate and crack it further.

A better solution is to buy a root barrier. They come in panels that slide together and come in different sizes. The panels attach together do you can make the barrier as large or small as you want it. When it is finished, it is like you planted the tree in a plastic container with no bottom. The idea is to have the roots grow horizontally until they hit the barrier, which is impenetrable, and then grow down.

When I do this, I will also dig a few vertical holes that are deeper than the bottom of the root barrier. The holes are between the barrier and the trunk of the tree. I the put a 4″ pipe in them and fill them with gravel to allow deep water penetration. I then put a bubbler or drip emitter in them so the water can go deep in the ground and the roots will follow. It is important to water heavily but not to frequently.

Have you ever noticed lawn trees and roots that come up to the surface? These are the roots that you hit with a lawn mower or trip over. Lawns are watered frequently because they have a shallow root system. Water seldom penetrates more than six inches deep. With so much water close to the surface, tree roots are encouraged to come to the surface to get it. That is where they will find a permanent water source. In a lawn area it is better to water more heavily and less frequently to encourage grass roots to follow the water down deeper and keep tree roots from getting to close to the surface. When done properly, this can save a lot of water because it reduces evaporation and provides more area for roots to collect water.

Trees such as willows, birch, alder, and poplars such as aspen, cottonwood, and the like are all phreatophytes and because of this, I don’t use them to close to a pond. If you are looking for a weeping or pendulous type of tree, try something like some of the weeping fruit trees. One tree I like to use is Camperdown Elm, Ulmus glabra “Camperdown”. It can get about 15′ tall with beautiful weeping branches that reach the ground. If you are in an area that is prone to Dutch Elm Disease, you may not want to use this one. There are also several weeping conifers available. Do your homework, you’ll find some nice substitutes.

I hope this help

How much does a residential pond cost ?


Video    blog

The average pond can cost from $7000.00 for a small goldfish to $10,00.00 or $12,000.00 for a pond large enough for koi, and more. There are several other items that can be installed in the pond that will raise the price . Some things like lights or extra filtration will raise the price. The average person will end up with a pond in the price range above.

Pond maintenance Is a MUST!


We design and build ponds and waterfalls.That being said, A large part of our business is maintaining ponds.Some of the ponds we maintain were built by us, and some built by someone else. One thing is for certain. They all need maintenance. In nature things mature, and change with time, This goes for the man made ponds and waterfalls that we work on as well.Sometimes as things grow, they push something aside or even over power for its space or nutrients. Also sometime things in the pond just fall apart with age. The biggest maintenance issue is often sludge or bottom build up.All of these things are a normal occurrence in the life of a pond or waterfall, and easily taken care of with regular maintenance. You can do it yourself or call us  We are happy to help.   (858) 449-9135


Waterfall cleaning in Escondido

The Pondman crew was at it again. This time in Escondido,The pump on the customers waterfall had given out a couple months ago. This made for pretty gunky clean out. With a little elbow grease ,a new pump and some new led lights. This waterfall will be good to go ,for a few more years now.  Pond and waterfall cleaning is just one of the things we can do to make your water feature the way it should be. Call us lets talk about it.  (858) 449-9135)

What kind of fish is that ,in your pond.

Every once in a while, people ask us here at Pondman. What kind of fish can I put in my pond. Here in California, we are pretty lucky. Because of our local temps and climate, The types  of different fish we can use are higher than some other areas. A pond we are currently working on in Escondido has Albino catfish, along with koi, goldfish and mosquito fish. This is a pretty common mixture,however just down the hill a little bit a customer has tropical aquarium fish in his pond. Now this isn’t as common , but depending on the pond and a few other things it is some times do-able. We see all kinds of fish in customers ponds, sometimes perch, sometimes hi-fin sharks, or even plecostomus. The  choices of fish for your pond can seem endless.