Pond starsPond         Ponds,Waterfalls, and Streams . That is what we do! For almost 20 years we have been specializing in custom, one of a kind water features. When looking for pond service in the San Diego area, PONDMAN is the one to call.All your pond needs, from maintenance to service to designs, that’s what we do in the Southern California area!

At Pondman, we use a proven system to build our ponds and water features. Our system guarantees years of beauty and enjoyment.
Over the years Pondman has helped thousands of people with their  water features.This help includes  designing, building,and even servicing existing water features. It doesn’t matter if your pond is a dedicated koi pond,or a natural ecosystem water garden, PONMAN can take care of it. If your pond needs a yearly clean out, or just a new filter net.We are here to give you the service you require.
Pond BuildersThe Team at PONDMAN specializes in the Design and Construction & maintenance of Ecosystem Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls and Streams, Fountainscapes and RainXchange Systems.


PONDMAN is the Premier Certified Aquascape Contractor in San Diego, and has the experience needed to create and make your water feature dreams come true.We believe in the ideas of continuously honing and up-grading our skills and knowledge. This is possible  through our continued training efforts, along with yearly courses and classroom teachings, we are constantly assisting other companies in the trade, where we trade knowledge. In this way we are always learning  from the largest network of Professional Water Feature Installers in the WORLD!